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Don’t get cheated by cheap substandard Cold Room Doors & Panels. Trust Isoflex for the best cold storage panels:

Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals, Food & beverage industry requires a concealed environment to protect the food from dust and contamination. Therefore, a secure and protective panel is essential to sustain the quality of materials stored. The cold room door serves the purpose and maintains the required temperature, thereby keeping the freshness of the products intact. It is essential to purchase cold room door panels from the best vendors to be assured of its quality.

There are several vendors, which provide cold room door panels; however, care should be taken to choose the right manufacturer. Otherwise, one can end up buying the substandard doors at a cheap price spending double the amount for maintenance. Therefore, think smart and choose the right vendor.  For the best cold room door panels, the Isoflex System is one of the leading cold room door panel manufacturers in the country.

Cold Room Panels Manufacturers

Being a prominent cold room doors panels manufacturers, they ensure to follow the international standard quality guidelines to design cold room door panels. The panels are designed to perfection and are elegant in appearance. It is built with mild steel sheets and excels in performance even after years of service.

Applications of cold room door panels:

The cold room door panel manufacturers provide panels, which are portable and hence it is used in restaurants to transfer food from storage area to the kitchen area. In the pharmaceuticals, it is used to store medicines and syringes safely and assures to maintain the quality of the medicines. In cold storage, it is used to store raw meat which helps to store for a long period without getting contaminated. It is to be noted that the panel provided by the cold room door panel manufacturer is an Eco-friendly product as it causes low emission of carbon-di-oxide, restrained waste and consumes less energy.  Therefore, it helps to reduce the electricity bills.

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Cold Room Doors & Panels Manufacturers

Company should be the leading manufacturer and suppliers of PUF Sandwich Panels which should be highly recommended for Cold Chain Applications as well as Industrial Prefabricated application. Company should not only supply insulated Cold Room Panels, fixtures, fittings and sealants, should also build and specify your projects and can assist you from inception to completion. The insulated modular panels should be widely used in areas that require temperature control. They are used in the food and beverage industry, such as restaurants, hotels, meat/fish and chicken processing facilities and distribution centers. Company should have constructed many large panel projects incorporating insulated paneling to steel sheds for various reasons including environmentally cooling of buildings.

The camlock joints featured in these panels ensure the rigidity of panels in between, especially in Blast freezers where high pressure is build up. Company should offer a turnkey solution for all sorts of cold chain or prefab requirement. Once specified company should supply Door hatch and the insulated panels, fixtures and fittings to these exact specification. Company should supply and build your cool room, cold room, hot room or other structure using experienced installation team. Different thicknesses of panels should be manufactured for the cold room industry, depending on the needs of the client and the temperature required for the facility. The thickness of cold room panels may vary from 75mm through to 100mm and 125mm with a polystyrene inner core. The panels have a fire rating as well as being engineer designed thus eliminating council approval on many occasions.


Company should ease the whole procurement process by becoming a one -stop –shop for your requirements related to Insulated Sandwich Panels for cold rooms. Commercial refrigeration units should be flat packed for easy handling and transport, and come complete with all accessories including windows, doors, refrigerator drop in unit’s motors and compressors. Freezer rooms use panels with a thickness of 150mm and 200mm. the inner core consist of expanded polystyrene. Different dimensions of cold rooms should be available, depending on the client’s specification or the space available for the room.

Key features of insulated panel:

  1. Superb insulation
  2. Energy saving
  3. Design flexibility
  4. Aesthetically pleasing
  5. Meets health industry regulations.

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